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CHEF-INSTRUCTIONIf you were to ask Chef Fly what the two most important things in her life are, she would say sharing food and sharing love.  Ironically, her favorite thing about sharing food is not just eating it but cooking it as well.  It excites her when someone shares a recipe that has been in their family for generations, excitedly she states “it is the most intimate and heartwarming thing they could have done. It’s almost as if they’re sharing a piece of their family history with me and trusting me to keep it safe!”

People share love in different ways.  Some share a kiss on the cheek, a cute text message or even an edible arrangements delivery.  Chef Fly’s way of showing affection is giving you a bite of her food, especially if it’s really tasty.  FYI, if she has ever shared her food with you, it means she loves you!

As a child Chef Fly would rather sit and watch old Julia Child episodes instead of cartoons. With her love for food always pouring out of her, you would never be able to guess that she spent much of her adult life suppressing her inner Betty Crocker for the ingrained assumption that she should become a nurse. Little did she know that while working and in nursing school her life would take a dramatic turn.

In January of 2014 she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. News of this immediately flipped her world on its head. She stopped working and going to school in order to focus on the journey she was about to face.  In between doctor’s appointments, treatments and surgeries, she was left with a lot of time to reevaluate the direction her life would go.  There was a point where she had no choice but to make a serious decision. It was a “tug of war” when deciding to return to work or continue with nursing school. With much faith and aspiration she took a moment to reevaluate the career decision she made thus far and decided to do what was not expected of her, she chose to follow her passion and make that the focal point of her life.

HANDS-After kicking cancers ass, she decided to move her life into a professional culinary driven direction. It was a fact that food made Chef Fly happy but there was a lack in approach towards her dream. One day, everything changed. It finally hit her and the realization that it wasn’t just eating food that made her happy but cooking and sharing her food as well. As soon as the decision was made to take this new journey seriously, the same little girl that would browse the cookbook section of the library instead of the latest Goosebumps novel jumped for joy!

At first, the thought of doing the unexpected and starting a business scared her.  When asked what other ways she could share her love she replied “There’s no better way to share the two things I love most.” She knows what she is doing and does it with passion. When asked how she felt about the journey she was about to embark on, she replied “A part of me feels as if I’m about to venture out into an unfamiliar world of social media, foodies and food bloggers but then again there’s another part of me that feels like I’ve always belonged.”  Her concept is simple: “Share food, Share love. “

– Honors graduate from Le Cordon BleuCulinary Arts Program
– Active member of the American Culinary Federation, Atlanta Chapter
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